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My Role

Working in partnership with Molly White we considered what new features may be added to the Spotify platform to offer greater connectivity between Spotify users.

Features Considered Included Allowing Users to:​​​​​​​

  • Select music tracks and take turns playing songs
  • Start, join and share with other users in real time
  • Chat with each other when sharing playback in real time
  • Advanced playback mixing capability

Competitive Analysis

Research was conducted to identify comparative services offering additional connectivity to Spotify in order to test and compare functionality such as, Soundcloud, and dJay.

Identifying Users With a Screener Survey

Over 75% of Spotify's users are aged 13-44 and connected to the service by their Facebook accounts, according to studies by Statista, which gave us our demographic parameters for this feature add. 13 users participated in a screener designed to determine listening and playback habits.

Areas of Interest Included:

  • Their frustrations with Spotify at present
  • DJ mixing skill level or interest
  • How actively they collaborate when playing music with friends


User Interviews

Interviews showed some key trends:

  • 5/7 users collaborate with friends when choosing music at get togethers
  • 3/7 users already use a live sharing function on other apps
  • The primary source of frustration is ads, with secondary frustrations being lack of messaging options, inability to download songs without paying, and clumsy interfaces

“Spotify took away sharing feature messaging which is bad. Friends would send me songs, which was nice.” —Max, 30

Scope Definition & Ideation

Problem Statement

Users desire a higher degree of connectivity and customization when listening to and sharing music so they can have a more interactive, social experience"


Early Paper Sketches

Validation and Design

      Iteration I & II

  1. ‘Channels’ signifier unclear to 3⁄4 users tested
  2. ‘Join Song Queue’ unclear and too small for 1⁄2 users tested
  3. 'Channels' feature renamed 'LIVE'
  4. 'Join Song Queue' button renamed 'Add Song'
  5. Updated interface to resemble Spotify appearance

      Iteration II

  1. The verbiage of the 'Live Channels' screen was unclear to 1/2 users tested
  2. The 'Add Song' button was overlooked in user tasks
  3. Channel Playback screen lacked control buttons to play/stop live stream


Final Prototype Results

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