Barneys ScreenBarneys Screen

Barneys Responsive Website

Barneys New York, the prestigious luxury department store chain was founded in 1923 and remains renowned for having one of the most discerning edits from the world's top designers.

My team and I were given the task of identifying ways to improve the user experience of main navigation, filtering, and search capabilities for the Barneys responsive website.

To comply with my confidentiality agreement I have entitled and appropriated confidential information. These designs are a reinterpretation of the original.


My Role

I led the efforts of a UX design team of three to identify and address customer pain-points related to the search, navigation and browsing experience.

Heuristic & Competitive Analyses

After identifying key competitors and eCommerce leaders a series of interviews were conducted to run baseline tests against their sites and Barneys' current sight in order to find what models received the best responses.

Is It Useful?"  

Does it serve new users as well as loyal users in ways that uniquely satisfy their needs?

Is It Usable?"  

Are users able to complete the tasks that they set out to without massive frustration?

Is It Desirable?"  

What are the differentiators from similar experiences or competitors? How are user’s expectations not just met but exceeded?

Is It Findable?"  

Can users easily locate that which they are seeking? What is provided to make the delivered results usable?

Is It Valuable?"

Does it contribute to the bottom line? Does it improve customer satisfaction?

Is It Accessible?"

Can it be used via all expected channels and devices?

Is It Credible?"

Is the design appropriate to the context of use and audience? Do you have help/support content where needed?

Baseline User Testing

Usability testing was conducted on 12 participants measuring their progression through a task flow on the Barneys site, a competitor's site, and finally a comparable eCommerce site.

The evidence that resulted from these tests became a guiding force in our iterative process. 

Barneys Heuristic EvaluationsBarneys Heuristic Evaluations

Insight From Customers & Barneys Team

Meetings were conducted with in-store and online customers as well as with Barneys analytics, customer experience, digital services and buying departments to identify how we may propose to meet both consumer and business needs.

Scope Definition & Ideation

I translated these concepts into features that address customer behaviors and motivations, followed by wireframes and prototypes for desktop and mobile states to test our hypotheses while monitoring user behavior.

Validation & Design

A/B testing was conducted with participants reflecting the Barneys consumer. User testing results were quantified and changes were made as a result prior to producing final designs. Task flows and design spects were then created as deliverables for our client along with our mobile and desktop prototypes.


Findings were communicated to executives of Barneys New York and key stakeholders along with the presentation of comprehensive deliverables.

Barneys Desktop LayoutBarneys Desktop Layout

Going Forward

While conducting research and tests several points of interest came to light, although out of the scope of this project, led to the following proposals for next steps:

1. Introducing video content to the site in the form of Editorial stories as well as descriptive devices on product pages to illustrate fit, look and feel

2. Explore and test innovative ways to bring social media audience into site and vice versa

3. Use collected customer data to develop a predictive user experience for consumers and their purchase preferences

4. Adding a ‘Live Chat’ feature would be a useful error management and would carry over some of the customer service the brick-and-mortar stores are known for to the web experience

5. Leverage web traffic to promote use of the Barneys mobile app


IMG_9035 2 (1)IMG_9035 2 (1)

Photo taken by me during contextual inquiry

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